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Haddon Libby

Twitter: @haddonlibby

Spent most of  my career as a credit officer, investment banker, private banker and Chief Financial Officer.  

Now and then for fun, you might find me performing at The Comedy Store, Flappers or Punchline. 


Currently, co-founder and finance director of ShareKitchen, a charitable and non-profit culinary business incubator serving the Palm Springs area of California.  In the last two years, we have helped start approximately three dozen new businesses.

ShareKitchen provides access to a full restaurant and bar space which operates as a shared kitchen facility offering a licensed and insured commercial kitchen for catering, street fair and local market participation, product development and test kitchen where aspiring restauranteurs can develop their menus and recipes in a low overhead environment. 

Please visit www.ShareKitchen.org for more info.

My column "It's All Local" is published every Thursday in  CV Weekly.  


As it relates to "the event" with the City of Indian Wells and a subsequent fine by the FPPC, let me be clear, all I ever meant to do was point out violations of law and abuses of power by the City Manager and members of the City Council.  The fine was related to helping others get out the truth on some of the candidates running.  The manner by which the information was disseminated had a technical error that was based on a bad interpretation of how to do it by the FPPC hotline and others knowledgeable in politics.  I am personally proud that a people with highly questionable backgrounds were not elected.  It is unfortunate that in a democratic society, more people do not stand up against blatant abuses of power.

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